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School Closings, Delays and Cancellation Information

There are many reasons that a school day may be delayed, closed early, or cancelled. There are a series of steps that lead to the various decisions that must be made. It is sometimes an easy and sometimes a difficult call. Although the roads or conditions might be good in one town, they can be vastly different in another town.  Many factors impact the decision, such as the accuracy of weather predictions and information from the Road Agents and Bus Coordinator.  This letter is being sent out to give you some insight into how the decision-making process works and to inform you about the way in which we will communicate school delays, closings and or cancellations this upcoming school year.

Situations for the Closure/Delay of School


  • Inclement weather
  • No power or water in any or all of the school buildings
  • Weather worsens
  • Other emergency situations

Input From

  • Road Agents
  • Bus Coordinator
  • Superintendent
  • Facilities Director
  • Local and NH Emergency Management Personal


  • To open school on time
  • To have a 2-hour delay/no morning Kindergarten
  • To close for the day/no after school or evening activities
  • Dismiss students, no after school activities
  • Close for the day or duration of the emergency
  • No evening activities


  • Emergancy Message System by 6 AM
  • Television
    • WMUR (Ch. 9)
    • WFXT (Ch. 25)
    • WBZ (Ch. 4)
    • WHDH (Ch. 7)
    • WCVB (Ch. 5)
  • Radio
    • WOKQ (97.5 FM)
    • WZID (95.7 FM)
    • WMLL (96.5 FM)
    • Hot Hits (94.1 & 103.1 FM)
    • WFEA (1370 AM)

More Information

Morning Events - Weather Events and/or AM Power Outages

In some instances, we all do our best to notify families the night before the expected inclement weather.

5:00 AM - The Bus Company Coordinator confers with the Road Agents of both towns and the Facilities Director about the conditions of the roads and entrances to the schools. They discuss the ability of the buses to run safely during both the morning and afternoon routes depending upon the forecast.

5:10 AM - The Bus Coordinator calls the Superintendent to confer on the input of the Road Agent and the capability of the buses to make the am and pm run based on the present forecast.

  • If the roads are passable in time for both morning and afternoon runs, SCHOOL OPENS ON TIME.
  • If the roads are not be passable to run on time, but there is considerable certainty that the roads will be passable, a 2-HOUR DELAY WILL BE CALLED. In this event, there will be NO MORNING KINDERGARTEN.
  • If for some unexpected reason a 2-hour delay is called, and then the weather worsens, the Emergency Message System will be used again to notify parents of the need to change the call to a SCHOOL CLOSING.

5:30-6:00 AM - The Emergency Message System will be used to notify staff and families of the Mascenic Regional School District. Radio and TV stations will be alerted as soon as possible and a message will be posted on our school website.

Extended Power Outages and/or Other Events Which May Close Schools

Should there be an extended power outage (over two or more days), the Superintendent will meet with local emergency preparedness personnel to determine when the schools can be opened.  Staff and all families will be notified of the closing and/or resumption of schools through an Emergency Message notification system. Radio and TV stations will be alerted as soon as possible and a message will be posted on our school website.

Please note:
Please make sure your phone number is up-to-date for the 2017-2018 school year to ensure the Emergency Message System reaches you.  Any modifications can be made through your school office.


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