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The HHES fourth-graders exhibited a “Living Museum” of famous New Hampshire people.  Each student chose a famous New Hampshire figure to impersonate during the museum.  They researched and wrote a short summary of their person’s life and  worked to memorize their summary.  Students created their costume from materials at home using their notes and a picture of their person.  Students also practiced and memorized their summary in class and at home. Additionally they created posters and masks.  Parents, family members and the other students all came to visit and listen to the students speak about their well researched famous NH person.  The children enjoyed this project and always love when family and friends come to support them.  There were several John Paul Jones', Christa McAuliffe's, Mandy Moore's, Jeanne Shaheen's, and Carlton Fisks'; as well as a Seth Myers, Franklin Pierce, Chris Carpenter and many others.

Click the link below to view photos from the Living Museum


4th Grade Living Museum Pictures


DI Global Finals, Kansas City, Missouri-May 21-26, 2019

       The HHES DI team had quite an adventure at the Global Finals in Kansas City.  There was a lot of pin trading with the other states and at least 15 other countries.  The team members came back with a wonderful collection of pins.

      The competition was a tough one.  There were 74 teams at the Elementary level in the engineering challenge.  The HHES Team was also one of the youngest teams made up of 9 year olds.  Many of the Elementary teams have fifth graders on their teams.  The HHES team came in 28th.  Not bad at all!

     Besides pin trading and competing, the team had the opportunity to spend a day at Worlds of Fun which is an amusement park.  Thursday night was Box and Baller Night.  We started with a BBQ followed by free gifts, balloon artists, bag pipes, marching drum bands, two dance bands and fireworks to mention a few.

         The team members describe the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as ‘extremely amazing’.

          The team was accompanied by their mothers who appeared to have just as much fun, if not more, than the kids.

          Overall, for the first time in Missouri, it was an awesome opportunity.


We also want to give a big Shout Out of THANKS to all those who donated.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Click link below to see photos of DI team in Kansas City!

DI Global Pictures

The 4th Grade visited the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center for a day of educational activities and the 2nd grade visited the Seacoast Discovery Center in Rye, NH where they explored tide pools.  Below are some pictures from the visits. Just click the link to view


2nd Grade Seacoact Science Center

4th Grade McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center

The HHES DI Team is off to Kansas City, the location of the Global Finals this year.  The team is excited and eager to participate in this event. This event is huge - some numbers are 17,000 attendees, 15+ countries, 8000 students! The team wants to give a big shout out of THANKS to all those who made this trip possible through participation in fundraising activities and donations.

Click the link below to view the Global Finals Website:

About the Event - Global Finals

Click the link below to see a few photos from the sendoff:

DI Sendoff Photos

The National Honor Society high school students came down in April to the HHES Readiness Class to interview the students and wrote/illustrated a book about them.
They came back with the finished product to share with the children. The students LOVED it!


Check out some photos of the students by clicking the link below!


NHS and HHES Students

Thanks to all the volunteers from the Spring session.  We were able to offer quite a few classes for the students.  We accommodated almost 140 students who had a great time.  The classes included cooking, painting, basketball, arts and crafts, making a book, STEM/Science, campfire songs, Ukulele, photography, snowshoeing/hiking and of course, LEGOS.  Again, thanks to all the volunteers; this program wouldn't happen without you!


Click the link for pictures from Spring HEEP

Spring HEEP 2019

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