Marion Saari - Principal
Lisa Wilkinson - Assistant Principal
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Friday, February 9th was the 100th day of school and the Kindergarten classes celebrated in grand style.  The day consisted of the children counting many objects​ by tens to make 100.  These activities included:  necklaces, trail mix, and work mats.  Much to our surprise, a special visitor flew in to meet the kindergarten students!  It was Zero the Hero!  Each child even received a special 100th day snack and made their very own Zero the Hero cape!  Thank you, Zero the Hero, for making our day 100 times more fun!

Shane Bryant our Special Education Coordinator was the special guest for the morning session and Liz Pogorzelski was the special guest for the afternoon session.  Both acted the part with gusto and the students were thrilled.  Thanks to both of them for being such great sports.

Pictures from 100th day:

Kindergarten 100th Day Celebration

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