Marion Saari - Principal
Lisa Wilkinson - Assistant Principal
 171 Turnpike Road - New Ipswich - NH - 03071 - 603-878-4387

The second grade classes learned about different animal habitats of the world.  They studied characteristics of each environment as well as how the plants and animals depend on each other.  Each class chose one habitat to focus on for research reports - arctic, rain forest, woodlands, and desert.  The students worked hard collecting information on a particular animal with an integration component involving our Computer Specialist.  Research included details about appearance, diet, habitat, enemies, as well as interesting or fun facts. The Art Specialist took the learning one step further integrating the physical appearance of each animal through clay models. In addition, there was a home learning component - families helped students put together a simple costume reflective of their animal choice. Presentations were done to end the unit with invitations sent out to families and administration to come in and explore the habitats of our world. The students did a great job and we always love when parents, staff and family come to visit.  The students' work was impressive. The hard work they did to get to the presentation day was evident.

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2nd Grade Habitat Presentation

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