Marion Saari - Principal
Lisa Wilkinson - Assistant Principal
 171 Turnpike Road - New Ipswich - NH - 03071 - 603-878-4387

The HHES fourth-graders exhibited a “Living Museum” of famous New Hampshire people.  Each student chose a famous New Hampshire figure to impersonate during the museum.  They researched and wrote a short summary of their person’s life and will be worked to memorize their summary in upcoming days.  Students created their costume from materials at home using their notes and a picture of their person.  Students  also be practiced and memorized their summary in class and at home. Additionally they created posters and masks.  Parents, family members and the other students all came to visit and listen to the students speak about their well researched famous NH person.  The children enjoyed this project and always love when family and friends come to support them.  There were several John Paul Jones', Christa McAuliffe's, Mandy Moore's, Jeanne Shaheen's, and Carlton Fisks'; as well as a Seth Myers, Franklin Pierce, Chris Carpenter and many others.



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