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 Mrs. Rowland's remote students made 100th Day Projects. They had the choice to dress up as if they were 100 years old or make a shirt with 100 things on it.

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Mrs. Rowland's Class 100th day photo


One of the best purchases the school has ever made was the purchase of SLEDS.  The children are having a blast at recess sledding.  Fortunately we've had  a couple of good storms to replenish the snow.  It's a little too icy right now but we might be getting more snow soon!  Check out a few pictures and a few short videos:

 Sledding pictures

Sledding Video 1

Sledding Video 2

Sledding Video 3



We still have plenty of sweatshirts and/or t-shirts available for purchase for your student. Please contact the school at 878-4387 if you are interested in purchasing one.  

Merry Christmas HHES families: Please select the link below to view the HHES Talent Show put on by the HHES Staff. Enjoy!


HHES Talent Show

Harmony went looking for all her friends at HHES. She went to the playground where she would usually find lots of students playing at recess, but they weren't there.  She sat on the "buddy bench" but there were no buddies for her to sit with.  She walked through the school and found some teachers and a couple of student visitors.  She visited the library hoping to spot a few friends to read with.  Finally someone explained to her that the students were in Remote Learning.  

She wants all her student friends to know that she misses them and she is waiting for them to return.  She also wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


Click the link below to see pictures of Harmony at HHES

Harmony pictures at HHES

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