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The Boynton Middle School baseball team had another "outstanding" season winning the title for the 2nd straight season.
Team picture after winning the title!
I would like to congratulate each and every player and coach!  A special thank-you goes out to Coach Martel who put together all of these fantastic write-ups that were posted this year!  Below, will be his final entry for the 2018 season!    ( Mr. K. of BMS) 
As I look back to the open gym sessions in February and the team tryouts in March I can only say this: “ How in the world did this team do what it just did ? “. After 30 plus years of running tryouts and coaching baseball teams I can usually predetermine the destiny of a team after a few practices. In fact this season I remember telling our Athletic Director not to expect anything like last years undefeated season.
Well we worked and worked through a rainy, snowy spring in the very restrictive confinements of our gym, trying to do everything possible to prepare a team for the season on a basketball court. Finally the weather became warm enough and dry enough to actually play baseball on a outside , but it was only two days before our first game. So feeling very rushed we entered into our season with a team as prepared as they could be given the circumstances of our preseason inclement weather conditions.   
Our first game was a success,  then the second was the same and before we realized it we were deep into the season without a loss. The regular season was coming to an end and we found ourselves tied with The Hawks of Hopkinton, both with perfect records. Our final game had us facing them on their home field and they were waiting like Hawks ready to descend upon their prey.
We played the game poorly with just too many mistakes and went home suffering our first loss. Well the playoffs were next and only a few days to prepare to pick ourselves up and come out fighting. Our first two rounds were indicative of the level of play we enjoyed all season with easy wins over Auburn and Derryfield, but those Hawks breezed through their two games and once again they were perched with talons sharpened waiting to put the Bulldogs down for the count in the Championship game.
Having used Jack C. in the semifinal at the mound we decided to give the game to Hayes P. so we headed to Hopkinton’s “Death Valley Field” with our Bulldog spiked collars on. The game was as good a game that you will ever see at any level. Pitcher against pitcher, resembling a heavyweight bout of two equal contenders. Hayes was absolutely amazing, surpassing my greatest expectations. He picked off one Hawk after another recording 12 strikeouts against an incredibly deep hitting team.
Leading 3 - 2 into the bottom of the 6th inning our fate suddenly became jeopardized when catcher Ayden S. sustained an injury and was unable to continue, so  Ryan O. had to quickly go from the bench right into action taking over for Ayden. We got through the 6th with hopes of putting up an insurance run or two in the seventh but it wasn’t there today.
With 3 outs away from a second straight championship we transitioned to defense with Hayes at 98 pitches and only able to pitch to one more batter under Tri-County rules. He strikes out his last batter and hands the ball to Sean A. with two outs away from the win. The 2 hole hitter for the Hawks comes to the plate and reaches base with a single. He then steals second putting the tying run in scoring position.
The Hopkinton bench explodes with cheer in anticipation of their power hitter driving in the tying run. He step to the plate and hits a blooper over 2nd base and the runner on second takes off, the bench is screaming with joy and then as quickly as quick can be Joe C. on a quest of his own burns the grass under his feet and takes off from center field making an amazing shoestring catch and then throws to his brother Jack waiting at 2nd doubling up the runner who left for home. Game over. Bulldogs win back to back titles. What a game, what a season !!!
◦Congratulations Boys!!! 
◦Coach Martel 
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