"Boynton Middle School is committed to providing a learning environment where students achieve mastery of developmental skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to develop a positive self-image and to foster academic, social, and personal growth." 

If your child is absent please call the school at 878-4800 ext 14 before 8:30 AM. After 8:30 please call the main office and speak to the secretary.


2017/18 Boynton Student Handbook

The new Student Handbook has been posted under the Academics Menu and below this article. 2017/18 Boynton Student Handbook

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District Announcements

PUBLIC HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT: Vaping/E-Cigarettes is not harmless

PUBLIC HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT Vaping or Using E-Cigarettes is not harmless!   Since 2011 the Surgeon General reports a 900% increase in E-cigarette use among US youth, a figure that is growing as more young people use E-cigarettes. “Vaping” or using E-Cigs have become the most commonly used form among our middle and high school level students.   Electronic cigarettes are devices that create an inhalable nicotine vapor by heating a liquid nicotine solution. When the user inhales on the end of the device, s/he sucks the nicotine through a heated element which vaporizes the liquid into an inhalable form. According to the Surgeon General, the aerosol inhaled is not harmless water vapor but rather a combination of nicotine, benzene and heavy metals. (www.parentingnh.com)   At present there are over 450 different types of these E-Cigarette devices available in local stores and online. They resemble everything from a traditional cigarette or an asthma inhaler, to a computer memory stick. Over 4,000...

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Boys Finish Season with Impressive 8-1 Record!

Boys Finish Season with Impressive 8-1 Record! The boys baseball team played their final regular season game against Hopkinton on Monday. Both teams entered the game with identical records of 8 wins and no...

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Boynton Middle School Yearbooks on Sale

Boynton Middle School Yearbooks on Sale!

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Boynton Boys Take 2 in Doubleheader VS Wilton!

Boynton Boys Take 2 in Doubleheader VS Wilton.   The boys baseball team played a double header on Wednesday against Wilton. It was an afternoon that can be viewed from two perspectives. The Bulldogs won...

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