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Mascenic Regional School District
SAU87 Strategic Plan
2017-2018 Update



Since July 1, 2013, the Mascenic School District has been making strides in meeting the high levels of expectations that are part of our Strategic Plan.   The Strategic Plan is a “living” document which will set far reaching and ambitious goals yet will be tempered by the day-to-day realities that are encountered by the District.   This Strategic Plan continues to be the educational compass for our District and our goal will always be to provide the best possible education to the students of our two towns.   

School Boards Message

Our goal as a school district is to provide our students with the tools needed to succeed in a highly complex and ever changing world and to instill in them the desire to not only be life-long learners but also active participants in a democratic society.  As a Board, we intend to achieve this goal and at the same time always be cognizant of the fact that we have a responsibility to not only provide the students with a quality education but also to be astute stewards of the taxpayer’s monies.  This can only be accomplished by having dynamic and courageous leadership, dedicated staff, citizens willing to support our educational system and students with involved parents who are fully invested in the learning process.  With the vision of our Superintendent and the commitment of staff and students to educational excellence, this goal can become a reality.   

Superintendent’s Message

The Mascenic Regional School District began the strategic planning process in 2013. During the five years that it has been in place, the district has continued to make sound progress in achieving the plan goals. Specifically in the areas of:


Curriculum and Instruction

Human Capital

Fiscal Responsibility


Community Relations

Safe and Secure Learning Environment


In July and with the start of the upcoming 2017-18 school year, a transition in leadership at the Superintendent’s office level has begun to occur. In light of this transition we have a responsibility to recognize what’s been accomplished and to set the course for future. This document has been both preserved and edited to reflect both.

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