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Mascenic Regional School District

September 19, 2017


Advisory Budget Committee Formed


A vote taken at the SAU #87, 2017 school district meeting has resulted in the formation of an Advisory Budget Committee for the Mascenic Regional School District. Board representative to the Committee, Mike Pellerito, convened the first organizational meeting of the advisory group on September 18th at the SAU office. Citizen volunteers from Greenville and New Ipswich serving on the committee include Earl Somero, Danielle Sikkila, Julie Lampinen, LInda Langille and Heather Schoff. The Committee is expected to begin work on reviewing the FY 19 proposed school budget. Their charge is to offer recommendations to the Board and the school district’s voters on next year’s budget and related warrant articles.


Further Information may be obtained by contacting mpellerito@mascenic.org



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