The Business Office provides a number of services such as: financial, facilities support, food service support.  We work with various State and federal agencies.  We collaborate with district staff, community members and vendors with whom the district contracts for services.  Please scroll down to get a brief summary of the services provided by our personnel so that you may be best served.


Please contact the following individuals for questions


Payroll/Benefits Coordinator: Maria Hanley- or 603-721-0160

Maria is responsible for preparing, processing and maintaining both our employee benefits and payroll.  This includes disbursements to our benefit vendors and state and federal tax agencies.

Accounts Payable Coordinator: Laurie Olsen - or 603-721-0160

Facilities Director: Craig Reynolds - or 603-721-0160

Craig is responsible for coordinating and scheduling all of our district's needs in regards to our buildings and grounds.  This includes ensuring that our property is conducive to a safe learning environment as well as meets the state and federal regulations. 

Food Service Manager: 603-878-1113 ext 1120

Is responsible for coordinating and preparing all of our district's food service programs.  This includes ordering, menu preparing, and parent payment processing. also ensures that our kitchens meet state and federal regulations. 

Business Administrator: Kathleen Beam- or 603-721-0160

Kathleen manages all of these functions.  His responsibilities also include purchasing procurement, financial reporting and state and federal compliance.

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