Dr. Stephen Russell - Superintendent
16 School Street - Greenville - NH - 03048 - 603-721-0160

The Mascenic Regional School District aligns its curriculum with the New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards.  These educational standards assist educators in understanding what students should know and be able to demonstrate by providing learning goals for students.  Learning is progressive so having standards from which we develop our curriculum maps ensures our district is able to develop a rigorous curriculum that promotes student learning through critical thinking, problem solving skills, and helps students develop a level of competency. 

Our educators work in teams by grade level and or by departments to align and develop curriculum and ensure all standards are covered.  Our educators work to review and update curriculum each year.  This ensures that our curriculum evolves over time to keep pace in preparing our students for the demands of college and the ever changing job market of today’s world.

NH College and Career Ready Standards















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